Daytraders of the Dead

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Imagine a single player Left 4 Dead where you’re trapped in one room, you’re playing top down view, and it’s always a crescendo event. Oh, and the zombies are all stock traders, and they drop money and weapons. So you shoot them all dead (again) with machine guns, shotguns, miniguns, rocket launchers and airstrikes. And it’s free, and flash based.

OKOK, it’s only like left 4 dead in that you shoot zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Still fun though.


Chomsky Comments on Left 4 Dead


I think what’s clear here, in this shot, is that it’s the humans that have the guns, the mandate to power in this situation. The undead, these new immigrants to a world that’s still very strange to them, they are, quite categorically, unarmed.

There is a struggle for hegemony you can see here. Dominion over land, a fight for sovereignity. What would you do if armed strangers came through your land? You’d attack, naturally. You’d defend yourself, is what you’d do. And if we are even attempting to consider the justice in this situation, the undead are merely fending off the humans with their hands, their feet. How much damage could they do? But, time and time again, we see a disproportionate response to this from the humans. A call to arms, a god given Continue reading