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XCOM: Enemy Unkown on iOS (versus XBox’s version)

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Huge X-COM fan here. I liked a lot of the old franchise and really missed the turn-based tactics. For a lot of years. I remember trolling Good Old Games and emulators and other ways to re-experience the game and I’ve always loved the mixture of tactical turn-based (it’s why I started the Fallout franchise too – my love of that cultivated by X-COM), soldier cultivation, resource management, tech trees and light disaster-related political resource allocation that X-COM brings to the table.
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Picture of OUYA with One Controller

OUYA Gotta be Kidding Me! – the winning edge of content curation and good playable demos

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Got my Kickstarter OUYA maybe a couple-three weeks ago and I have to say I am not impressed. Actually, I am impressed, but not about playing games on it. It looks nice. The design is pretty good. It’s tiny. Bigger than an Apple TV considering all dimensions (it’s taller) but I think its shelf footprint is smaller.

It’s small and cute and it uses dim white lights for status instead of bright green or red or blue like all the other blinky status LEDs in my now full-to-bursting entertainment cabinet that I wrote about earlier.

But what I’m not impressed by is the shoddy content curation. More about that below.
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Bullet The Blue Foot

Microsoft walked back on restrictive provisions it had put in place for the sale and distribution of new games for the Xbox One, but now it’s added a new rule that limits developer access to Kinect.”

‘Corporations may be people, friend’, but by god they are people who are dumb as hammered dogshit.