You Have Got To Be Kidding

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Just when you start to get the feeling that the gaming-world sexist tide might be turning a bit, some horrifying piece of shit like this pops up. You have got to be fucking kidding me, MSI.

MSI is a computer hardware maker, and apparently a hotbed of laughably retrograde sexism. I’m sure their US Sales ( or US Marketing ( departments would love to hear from you if you agree this is… disappointing, at best. For my part, I won’t be buying any MSI hardware in the future. Vote with your dollars, people, because that’s about the only vote we have left that means anything.


StarCraft II : The Eldritch Mystery of Custom Maps Part II

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Part I to this aimless ramble is here.

By not allowing users to distribute their custom maps and requiring  authentication to get a map hosted on their servers, Blizzard make themselves the middleman. They want to control the types of games you can play. Censoring out ones they don’t like so much, you know, with the iron-not-quite-gentle-fist-of-oh-watch-out-almost-Godwinned-this-post of corporate control.

But it’s really, I suspect, a way to monetize content. To take advantage of novel games that might get far more popular than one could reasonably expect; and even more harrowing, free.

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StarCraft II : The Eldritch Mystery of Custom Maps Part I


It isn’t often I’m moved to rant about video games. There are plenty of other nerds with better thought-out opinions, usually supported by graphs and proofs and the phrases “non-trivial”, and “Let N be…”.

But this, this is a hill where I plant my flag, affix bayonets, and take a stand, with all the power in my laughably flabby body with questionable hygiene.

Custom. Maps. In StarCraft. II.

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