Levels Of Detail Podcast: Heinous Crimes Edition (02.13.11)

Games and Gaming, News

Piracy occurs on the big bad Internets, as Crysis 2 gets leaked and spread far and wide through the less reputable channels of the World Wide Web. Also, Ben and I express confusion as to the appeal of Battlestar Galactica, Activision summons the ghost of an old franchise in order to twist it into something new and horrifying, Chell from Portal joins the ranks of female game characters that look like actual women, we alternately defend and accuse gamers of being sexual deviants, more confusion as to what the Hell is going on in David O. Russell’s head, and a new gaming peripheral that’s tailor-made for this podcast debuts. Please, share and enjoy, and contact us at

LOD Podcast Episode 15 (02/13/11)