Levels Of Detail Podcast: Now With More Nerdrage Edition (05.12.11)

Games and Gaming

We do strive to maintain a degree of optimism and positivity in our message and tone here at the Levels Of Detail Podcast, but Goddamn, it gets hard sometimes. We enter the fourth week of the Playstation Network shutdown and discuss what that means for Sony and their partners with PSN (Hint: bad things), try to deduce what Nintendo means with their Vitality Sensor delay news and why they’re still talking about it, smack some collective heads together about Mass Effect 3 and Valve, Notch floats the idea of a big Minecraft convention for the launch date, we hope that Harmonix being untethered from Viacom means more awesome Rock Band DLC in our future, muse a bit about World of Warcraft and Spy Party, and advocate for gamification of education. Please, share and enjoy, and talk back at us at

LOD Podcast Episode 27 (05/12/11)
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