Levels Of Detail Podcast: This Could Be Bad Edition (04.29.11)

Games and Gaming, News, Retrospectives

So, there was a thing! PSN got hacked and now we’ve all been sold wholesale to Estonian hackers to work in their gold farms or whatever. Also, Nintendo confirmed that the Wii 2 is actually a thing, which conveniently distracted everyone from the massive hit their year-over-year earnings took. We take a solid half-hour to kick both Sony and Nintendo while they’re down, but we also have other news! In the afterglow of the Portal 2 release, Valve gives us some more information about their upcoming projects, we have more Minecraft news, LA Noire lets us know where its true allegiances lie, and an ancient conspiracy declares war on gaming. Please, listen, share and enjoy, and email us at

LOD Podcast Episode 26 (04/29/11)