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Inside the disintegration of a game jam reality show

“Every side was pulling for what they wanted, and in the end the side that mattered most got burned. We can’t have that,” Rosen writes, in a post that details the behind-the-scenes evolution of a modest game jam into a “terrifyingly enormous spectacle.”

Inside the disintegration of a game jam reality show at Gamasutra


You Have Got To Be Kidding

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Just when you start to get the feeling that the gaming-world sexist tide might be turning a bit, some horrifying piece of shit like this pops up. You have got to be fucking kidding me, MSI.

MSI is a computer hardware maker, and apparently a hotbed of laughably retrograde sexism. I’m sure their US Sales ( or US Marketing ( departments would love to hear from you if you agree this is… disappointing, at best. For my part, I won’t be buying any MSI hardware in the future. Vote with your dollars, people, because that’s about the only vote we have left that means anything.