Favorites and Tops and Bests Oh My

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The votes are in, the dust has settled, the payola and freebies have been distributed, the whistleblowers have been silenced, and it’s time to look at the Best Of 2013. Not the best games, exactly, but the Best Roundups of Best Games. Because being relentlessly meta is what we’re all about here at LevelsOfDetail. Or maybe we’re not, and I just want you to think that we are. Which I have messed up by telling you so. OR HAVE I.

Look, let’s begin again, before I get off on another tangent. Without more ado, then: here are some of the most interesting, attractive, amusing, insightful, excessive or obviously bullshit lists of the Best Games of 2013, gathered together in one place for your perusing pleasure.

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Levels Of Detail Podcast: Feels Like the First Time Edition (03.23.11)

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Hey, remember us? After finally escaping from the bottoms of our respective schedules, Ben and I have returned with a brand new episode of the Levels Of Detail Podcast! We talk at length about Valve, Portal 2 and the awesome things that happen inside that Pacific Northwest house of wonders, maybe rag on NPD, Ubisoft and game reviewers a fair bit, but really, you can think of this episode as making up for lost time. More rants! More bashing! More love! More gushing! More beer nerdery! More time than we’re supposed to take! All of that and more awaits you in the second triumphant return of the Levels Of Detail Podcast! Please, share and enjoy, and talk back at us at

LOD Podcast Episode 22 (03/23/11)