All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun: The Cat Lady & Depression in Games

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Depression seems to be a common theme in indie games. From more overt depictions in Depression Quest and Actual Sunlight to the more opaque in games like Anodyne, it’s a subject many indie titles want to tackle. Continue reading


Demolition Company: The Simple Fun of Breaking Things

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The core strength of gaming’s appeal is, I think, the fact that a game’s success or failure essentially boils down to one question: is it fun? All the other factors that we judge a game’s quality by are essentially tacked-on items that either increase or decrease the fun contained in the game. There’s a lot of wiggle room as to what constitutes fun or not fun, as well as a few absolutes – particularly in the way that games can fail to be fun – but what really matters as far as a game’s worth is concerned is whether or not you as a player enjoy the experience of playing the game. It doesn’t matter how ambitious a game’s design is or is not, as long as you get a kick out of playing.
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