Levels Of Detail Podcast: Who Are You People Edition (11.02.11)

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After a long absence, we have returned! Work and life may interfere, but nothing will stop us from nattering inanely into your earholes about beer! And games! Always with games.

After reviewing what we’ve been doing while we’ve been away, we dive right into the news with descriptions of the new Portal 2 Puzzle Creator, Battlefield 3 sells 5 million units in the first week and simultaneously destroys my faith in humanity and sets EA up for massive disappointment when Modern Warfare 3 inevitably sells that much in a day, the most unexpected Halloween special DLC pack we’ve ever seen, Blizzard jumps the shark and steps in it, and more, in this week’s hopefully final return of the Levels Of Detail Podcast. Please, Share and Enjoy.

LOD Podcast Episode 38 (11/02/11)

Intro Music: Caravan Palace – Crash


StarCraft II : The Eldritch Mystery of Custom Maps Part I


It isn’t often I’m moved to rant about video games. There are plenty of other nerds with better thought-out opinions, usually supported by graphs and proofs and the phrases “non-trivial”, and “Let N be…”.

But this, this is a hill where I plant my flag, affix bayonets, and take a stand, with all the power in my laughably flabby body with questionable hygiene.

Custom. Maps. In StarCraft. II.

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Has John Carmack Joined The Dark Side (In There) Or Lost The Plot (On That)? Part I

Features, Games and Gaming

John Carmack is, perhaps, the nearest thing to a demigod the gaming world can claim to have. Half man, half deity, touched by the hand of the eternal, wandering the earth, solving really hard math problems, Sisyphean, DOOMed forever like Leonardo (or any of the other ninja turtles) to eternally strive for a goal that can never be reached — to capture reality.

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