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Got my Kickstarter OUYA maybe a couple-three weeks ago and I have to say I am not impressed. Actually, I am impressed, but not about playing games on it. It looks nice. The design is pretty good. It’s tiny. Bigger than an Apple TV considering all dimensions (it’s taller) but I think its shelf footprint is smaller.

It’s small and cute and it uses dim white lights for status instead of bright green or red or blue like all the other blinky status LEDs in my now full-to-bursting entertainment cabinet that I wrote about earlier.

But what I’m not impressed by is the shoddy content curation. More about that below.
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Levels Of Detail Podcast: Sinus Congestion Edition (02.21.11)

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Today’s delayed podcast is brought to you by the inside of Ben’s sinuses. Poor Ben is now unconscious, having cracked open a couple of diphenhydramine tablets and rubbed the contents into his nasal passages. Hopefully, he can actually breathe now, or at least not suffocate in his own fluids as he sleeps.

Tonight’s podcast brings us news that there will be a Medal of Honor sequel after all, in case you thought EA would just abdicate the Call of Duty market to Activision, Telltale Games has now successfully licensed all films past, present and future, someone hit the “Launch” button on Bioshock 2 DLC a little early, the piracy wars continue and we wonder when the Navy SEALs will put a stop to the jackasses in the PS3 hacking community. Plus, we discuss difficulty in gaming and whether or not there’s really a crisis of oversimplification. Please, share and enjoy, and say rude things about our humble little podcast at LODpodcast@LevelsOfDetail.com.

LOD Podcast Episode 17 (02/21/11)


Levels Of Detail Podcast: At Least We Look Professional Edition, Part 2 (1.27.11)

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Here is the promised second bit of our back-from-vacation podcast. We hope you missed the sounds of our voices ringing in your ears and our enjoying our new header image. (For the record, it’s Kasey on the right, and yours truly on the left.)

After wrapping up the first half of the episode, we moved on to covering Valve’s delightful Portal 2 announcement, Sony and Activision’s PS3 hacking and CoD:MW2 troubles, more amusing “analysis” from Michael Pachter, Japan’s ongoing JRPG problems, and some awful gaming promotions that make us feel like we’re in 1995. Join us this weekend for another podcast of dubious quality and certain drinking.


I am not normally this nice!

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So there you are, having just finished riding out into the middle of nowhere Mexico to find that last damn woolly blue curl for your Survivalist challenge, and blammo, you fall down a little cliff that your 90yr old grandmother could have stepped down and your horse dies. Now, you have a couple choices here:

  1. Walk in the direction you want to go and wait until your horse re-spawns and you can whistle for it again.
  2. or

  3. Find the nearest road and shoot the first person you see and take their horse.

In a game world, one would think the choice would be obvious: Shoot a dude and take his horse. After all, you’ve got places to go, and this is the Wild West, where it’s every man for himself. Also, that’s not a real dude! But what do I do? I walk.
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