Levels Of Detail Podcast: Who Are You People Edition (11.02.11)

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After a long absence, we have returned! Work and life may interfere, but nothing will stop us from nattering inanely into your earholes about beer! And games! Always with games.

After reviewing what we’ve been doing while we’ve been away, we dive right into the news with descriptions of the new Portal 2 Puzzle Creator, Battlefield 3 sells 5 million units in the first week and simultaneously destroys my faith in humanity and sets EA up for massive disappointment when Modern Warfare 3 inevitably sells that much in a day, the most unexpected Halloween special DLC pack we’ve ever seen, Blizzard jumps the shark and steps in it, and more, in this week’s hopefully final return of the Levels Of Detail Podcast. Please, Share and Enjoy.

LOD Podcast Episode 38 (11/02/11)

Intro Music: Caravan Palace – Crash


Levels Of Detail Podcast: Thinking With Alcohol Edition (04.23.11)

Games and Gaming, News

So, you might have heard about this game that came out this week, Portal 2. We wish we could blame all of our tardiness on that, but really, it was the foul invasion of Real Life into our little bacchanalian world of beer and gaming that caused the delay. However, we have Podcast for you regardless!

This week, we bemoan the prevalence of idiots on the Internet, both regarding the “backlash” against Portal 2 and the wild storm of rumors surrounding a supposed Wii 2 E3 debut, celebrate clever ways of defeating piracy, discuss the limited information about Prey 2, and promote PC Gamer’s debut of a 90 minute time-limited demo for Minecraft (which you can download here). Please, share and enjoy, and let us know what you think at

LOD Podcast Episode 25 (04/23/11)


Levels Of Detail Podcast: Feels Like the First Time Edition (03.23.11)

Games and Gaming, News, Retrospectives

Hey, remember us? After finally escaping from the bottoms of our respective schedules, Ben and I have returned with a brand new episode of the Levels Of Detail Podcast! We talk at length about Valve, Portal 2 and the awesome things that happen inside that Pacific Northwest house of wonders, maybe rag on NPD, Ubisoft and game reviewers a fair bit, but really, you can think of this episode as making up for lost time. More rants! More bashing! More love! More gushing! More beer nerdery! More time than we’re supposed to take! All of that and more awaits you in the second triumphant return of the Levels Of Detail Podcast! Please, share and enjoy, and talk back at us at

LOD Podcast Episode 22 (03/23/11)


Levels Of Detail Podcast: At Least We Look Professional Edition, Part 2 (1.27.11)

Games and Gaming, News

Here is the promised second bit of our back-from-vacation podcast. We hope you missed the sounds of our voices ringing in your ears and our enjoying our new header image. (For the record, it’s Kasey on the right, and yours truly on the left.)

After wrapping up the first half of the episode, we moved on to covering Valve’s delightful Portal 2 announcement, Sony and Activision’s PS3 hacking and CoD:MW2 troubles, more amusing “analysis” from Michael Pachter, Japan’s ongoing JRPG problems, and some awful gaming promotions that make us feel like we’re in 1995. Join us this weekend for another podcast of dubious quality and certain drinking.


E3 By Proxy: Portal 2 Demonstration

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When the average gamer allow himself (or herself, thank you shifting demographics) the heated imaginings of attending E3, she thinks of a magical all-access pass that really only belongs to the seriously industrious or the top shelf of the gaming press. Many of the games that I came to E3 to see lie locked away behind closed pressed particle board doors, far away from my unworthy eyes. Except one. Last minute though it may be, I managed to gain an appointment to the closed-door showings for Portal 2.

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