Levels Of Detail Podcast: A Slightly More Portentious Second Episode (11.22.10)

Games and Gaming, News

Well, we said Saturday or Sunday, and it appears to be Monday (Tuesday, more like), but here we are regardless. Yes, it’s the second episode of the Levels Of Detail Podcast, and while our sense of timing has degraded somewhat, the quality of the podcast itself has improved! We have our names at the start of the podcast, so you know who’s filling your ears with news and mic pops! We have music at the beginning and end! Be amazed! Or at least experience mild bemusement! We also have news on the next LEGO movie game, we peruse Black Friday ads for your edification, Kinect is Goddamn magic, ESPN contains uninformed asshats, and I ramble on about how the Assassin’s Creed series is punk to the very core. Enjoy, dear listeners.

LOD Podcast Episode 2 (11/22/10)

Ooh, pretty flowers.

Levels Of Detail Podcast: An Auspicious Start (11.18.10)

Games and Gaming, News

Hello, Levels Of Detail readers! We’ve received a literal trickle of emails complaining about the lack of sensory stimulation that our humble blog provides. Here’s an example letter:

“Dear Levels Of Detail: Your website is wondrous to behold, a treat for the eyes, both in design and the uniformly high quality of the writing, but I was wondering, could you stimulate my other senses as well? Smell, hearing, touch, even taste would be acceptable.”

Well, you’re in luck, dear readers, for we have discovered Podcasting! Yes, now your ears can be filled with the melodious sounds of my voice and that of my cohort, Ben Hatcher, whispering the new developments of the gaming industry into your deserving ears, and deliver trenchant and incisive commentary on current events. Eventually. Right now, you have to deal with my sniffling ass as I try to breathe through half a nostril as we two half-drunk fools stumble our way through the news and ramble on about things that we are almost completely unqualified to discuss.

Don’t let that stop you from listening, however! We’ve got some good bits of information on Activision’s latest escapades in dickery, our first blush impressions on the new Games for Windows online marketplace, information on upcoming games you might have missed, the return of the Child’s Play charity, whether or not gamers can grow up to be racing drivers and if OnLive can grow up to be a real console, and much more.

LOD Podcast Episode 1 (11/18/10)