Levels Of Detail Podcast: Technical Difficulties Edition (01.30.11)

Games and Gaming, News

Ah, Ben has now returned to his proper residence in Goleta, which means that his side of the podcast will no longer be transmitted by carrier pigeons. One would think this would free us from technical issues (pigeons are a notoriously unreliable way of sending Skype traffic), but you would be mistaken! We struggled mightily through various sound-related issues, but we have persevered, and have managed to bring you a somewhat dented and scuffed-up version of the Levels Of Detail Podcast.

For this edition, we properly cover the launch of the new Sony handheld console, the NGP (née PSP2), Ben talks about Magicka for a bit, more Sony news bits about the PS3’s upcoming firmware updates and why you should care, Activision actually does something pretty cool, we bitch about video game movies and what we two entertainment industry powerhouses think should be make the leap from console to big screen, and cap it off with some idle thoughts about the possible fate of the game demo. Please, enjoy.

LOD Podcast Episode 11 (01/30/11)