The Completely Objective Videogame Rating System For The Betterment Of The Industry

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I once read a post where someone proved, once and for all, that Gears of War is better than Killzone 2. You see, Gears of War was given a 94 rating on Metacritic and Killzone only got a 91. That guy’s crazy, right? Well, he’s not alone. Executives brag about their company’s average scores in press releases and even employee bonuses have been dependent on looking good on Metacritic. The industry is crying out for an objective way to determine the worth of a game (you know, beyond sales) and I mean to give it to them.

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Levels Of Detail Podcast: Golden Ticket Edition (03.30.2011)

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No, it sadly isn’t a real Golden Ticket to Valve’s headquarters, but listener Katrel was nice enough to make it for us after our opining last week (he tells us he found it in a “box” of Portal 2), which takes the sting away a little. Thanks, Katrel!

This week has been slow for the gaming industry, allowing us to bring you all the news that is fit for your eagerly awaiting ears. We cover things like hacker troubles in Zynga-land, the state of PC ports, and how Nintendo is managing to mess up a product that is selling out anyways, as well as Metacritic’s lose-lose developer ratings system.

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