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Levels Of Detail Podcast: Vacationing as a Popsicle Edition (01.04.11)

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Well, I fear it is time for me to say those dreaded words for all of you: the Levels Of Detail Podcast is going on break. I’m off to Europe for a vacation for the next week or so, and so in that time, there will unfortunately be no podcast. I have made arrangements with the gaming industry to release no news of any import while we’re away, so don’t worry about missing anything from us.

However, while we’ve got you here, why not listen to this brand new podcast? We’ve got the preliminary results from Child’s Play 2010, our collective hard-on for Bulletstorm grows ever larger, the Kinect clones are coming, Harmonix might be in more trouble than we think (or none at all), and we gaze deep into our navels regarding explosive barrels and the preferred coloration thereof and why Minecraft hit the right buttons to become a smash hit. Enjoy, and we will talk at you again in two weeks.

LOD Podcast Episode 9 (01/05/11)