L4D2 NPC’s and Infected Rejected Out Of Hand

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Oil Derrick Worker
You never see them, because, well, they’re kinda isolated, but you hear reports about them, and they sound terrifying.

Tai Chi Master
If you ever swing that ax faster than an heavily sedated sea sponge, he goes down immediately. But should you go slower, HOO EEEEE!.

You only ever encounter their corpses, they go first.

He can be found dumpster diving, looking smug and eating rats.Organic rats.

A jazz flautist.

Sits in his car, a well-notated map of Toledo in his lap, a cold cup of coffee on the dash, and him, crying softly.

He stands, looking from the door to his front desk, torn behind a hunger for human flesh and a sense of duty.

Stands below the double rings, arms still on the rings, him looking up, moaning.

Fusses and pats you down, emits a low ‘humming’ noise as he considers, invariably leaves you alone.


Alternative “Civilization V” Quit Messages

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Every Civilization game ever released is notorious for the “One More Turn Syndrome”. A wretched disease that has lead to a 4% dip in Computer Science degrees conferred as well as a 10% increase in Google searches for “video game + addiction” and “shut-in life expectancy”.

So it was with some surprise that, when I tried to quit Civ 5, it actually asked me if I was sure. Yes I’M BLOODY WELL SURE, it was hard enough getting to this screen WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT HARDER ON ME?

Without further ado.

  • It looks like you’ve contracted scurvy from lack of personal attention and would like to quit riiight before getting your third Wonder, are you sure?
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