Levels Of Detail Podcast: Digging Ever Deeper Edition

Games and Gaming, News, Retrospectives

Hello! We have another show for you today, as is our wont. As the gaming industry has seen fit to try to starve poor us out of a podcast (starve, I say!), we have had to search long, hard and deep for today’s news. But we have triumphed! The fruits of our labor include Minecraft finally getting a strange new feature called a “release date”, the Navy has a new game for all you sub sim fans out there, we ruminate on an anniversary most ignominious, the Sesame Street game seems to be angling to resurrect your childhood and make you cry in a most awesome way, and then, starved for content, we talk about cars and semi-random gaming news for the remaining 10 minutes. Interesting! Illuminating! Entertaining, even (we hope)! All this and more in this week’s episode of the Levels Of Detail Podcast. Please, share and enjoy, and talk back at us at

LOD Podcast Episode 24 (04/10/11)
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