Levels Of Detail Podcast: Tranquility Edition (07.18.11)

Games and Gaming, News, Retrospectives

We’re still a little tuckered out after last week’s rage-fueled barreling beast of a podcast, so this week, we decided that there wouldn’t be anything important announced. A fearful gaming industry obliged, and so we present to you a much more low-key, some would almost say sedate podcast. We do follow-up on the horrible, awful things that induced such anger last week (but in a much more calm and relaxed manner), Manhunt 2 goes not exactly into the West, but wherever awful exploitation games go, Planetside 2 becomes more interesting as a possible free-to-play game, EA buys Popcap Games, a cool bit of news about the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved re-release, we mock poorly written product announcements, and the crew behind The Escapist’s Extra Credits series decide to do something awesome with the enormous pile of money they suddenly find themselves sitting on. Thank you, and please, Share and Enjoy.

LOD Podcast Episode 34 (07/18/11)


Levels Of Detail Podcast: Football Hangover Edition (02.06.11)

Games and Gaming, News

Yes, the date at the top is a day late. There were some planned new ideas that did not pan out in time, but soon! Soon, new shiny will be among us. I blame football, as I do for nearly everything, independent of season. We now have a place for all fifteen of you who listen to the show to hurl abuse at us in private! Or maybe constructive criticism or possibly compliments, if that’s your style. Please, email us at, and tell us how we’re doing and mock us for our tardiness. It’s the only way we’ll learn.

In today’s delayed podcast, we talk about the utter dearth of information imparted by the new Battlefield 3 teaser, Valve is making enough money to buy and sell all of us, we think back on the monster success of the PS2, Microsoft caves in to our demands, game movie news that doesn’t involve Uncharted, I’m alternatively mean and complimentary to Canada, then geek out about an upcoming Android game, and as we found ourselves with some spare time, we dive deep into our navels and talk about beer for ten minutes. Why we drink it, and why it’s something we can all be proud of as Americans. Oh, and Canadians. We don’t mention it, but Unibroue makes some badass beer too. Please, enjoy.

LOD Podcast Episode 13 (02/06/11)