I am not normally this nice!

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So there you are, having just finished riding out into the middle of nowhere Mexico to find that last damn woolly blue curl for your Survivalist challenge, and blammo, you fall down a little cliff that your 90yr old grandmother could have stepped down and your horse dies. Now, you have a couple choices here:

  1. Walk in the direction you want to go and wait until your horse re-spawns and you can whistle for it again.
  2. or

  3. Find the nearest road and shoot the first person you see and take their horse.

In a game world, one would think the choice would be obvious: Shoot a dude and take his horse. After all, you’ve got places to go, and this is the Wild West, where it’s every man for himself. Also, that’s not a real dude! But what do I do? I walk.
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