News, The Bucket

In an inspiring announcement from a massive gaming corporation, it was revealed that a large chunk of fuck was youed. Many respected analysts opined ‘fuck,’ although some also followed up with ‘you’.

Expectations were stated that a veritable Blizzard of fucks would ensue, distracting dimwits from the irony of dumbass manipulative game-company names like Activision and Vivendi, to the advantage of a gaggle of the Investing Class who wouldn’t know a video game from a goddamned bus ticket.

Activision-Blizzard executive old-fuck wunderkind Bobby Kotick explained ‘Wheee! Money!’

In related news, the usual cadre of fast-talking asshole Business Scumbags were expected to make ludicrous amounts of money on the backs of sweatshop-labor coders, designers, and artists. Film at fucking 11.

A Blizzard of Fucks