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Levels Of Detail Podcast: Now With News Edition (12.03.10)

Games and Gaming, News

My oh my, do we have an episode for you all tonight. Many interesting things happened between the last episode and tonight, so many that we had to push off some of the news until the weekend. Still, we have more than enough to satisfy your desires for the finest in low-fi gaming chatter. EA kicks Harmonix while they’re down, Sony tries and fails to one-up Microsoft’s Kinect sales announcement while Microsoft debuts a rewards program that’s equally unimpressive, Team Meat mocks PETA’s pitiful attempts to attention whore the Super Meat Boy release, another Japanese attempt at making a game for “Western” audiences looks like garbage, and the federal government botches their first DMCA copy-protection prosecution.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the video links I promised in the episode, the Mr. Minecraft video is here, and just because you deserve it, here’s a video of Tofu Boy in action. Remember, type “petaphile” into the character select screen, and not only will you get to participate in an awesome PETA troll, but you get a Steam achievement for doing so.

LOD Podcast Episode 4 (12/03/10)