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Levels Of Detail Podcast: Alcohol Poisoning Edition (12.29.10)

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Welcome to the last Levels Of Detail Podcast episode for 2010! This milestone might mean a bit more if we were more than a handful of episodes in, but we’ll take what we can get.

For this final episode, we talk about Bulletstorm and the potentials for amusing censorship contained within, Microsoft refuses to stand for the libelous claims that they will improve their products, the Uncharted movie might not be doomed after all, lawsuits abound, and we discuss the games of 2010 and what we’re looking forward to in 2011. We spend so long discussing the year that was and the year that is yet to be that we go almost a full half-hour past our usual one-hour mark, so grab a drink and something to eat, settle in for the long-haul with us and have a happy New Year.

LOD Podcast Episode 8 (12/29/10)


Demolition Company: The Simple Fun of Breaking Things

Games and Gaming

The core strength of gaming’s appeal is, I think, the fact that a game’s success or failure essentially boils down to one question: is it fun? All the other factors that we judge a game’s quality by are essentially tacked-on items that either increase or decrease the fun contained in the game. There’s a lot of wiggle room as to what constitutes fun or not fun, as well as a few absolutes – particularly in the way that games can fail to be fun – but what really matters as far as a game’s worth is concerned is whether or not you as a player enjoy the experience of playing the game. It doesn’t matter how ambitious a game’s design is or is not, as long as you get a kick out of playing.
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