Dorflike Review: Spacebase DF-9

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Last year when we posted our Dorflike Round-up, Spacebase DF-9 was still in its infancy, but the game was promising. Fast forward less than a year, and Double Fine is announcing that they’re going to release version 1.0 next month and then abandon ship. Fortunately, they’re planning to release enough source for the modding community to take over from here. Then again, the game seems light years from completion.

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I have had so many dreams like this. The world is being destroyed — sucked into the sky by some kind of Vogon Constructor Fleet Analogue — and all you have to do is survive. For 6 minutes. Well, that and not drown (by staying away from the proliferating holes in the disintegrating world) or starve (by not picking up enough of the Green Food Cubes).

This is an utterly simple prototype, but I find it mesmerizing. And (like so many cool, free, tiny games appearing these days) it makes me want to learn Unity. Free download for Win/Mac/Linux.

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I Have Had Dreams Like This


Freebie: Permutation Racer

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Permutation Racer is a procedurally-generated prototype freebie from the developers of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, for Windows and Mac computer machines. It is fun and pretty and sounds quite lovely with its gently encouraging pings and background techno warffling. I couldn’t figure out how to make it respond to gamepad input despite their suggestions that I do so, but you can’t have everything for free, can you?

Avoid stuff, collect stars to power up your charge bar, boost FOR MORE FASTNESS OF SPEED, get more stars, avoid pink glowy things, pass checkpoints, get more time, lather rinse repeat.