The Most Important (Gaming Company). Evar. Of All Time.

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[There’s a competition going on at MeFight Club for a blog post about “The Most Important Game Ever”. You’ve got about a day to get your entry in. The prize is pretty sweet too.]

Wow, all time. That’s something. It’s a bit like trying to pick the single best meal you’ve ever had, or the biggest poop you’ve ever taken, or maybe “Which politician had the single biggest effect on democracy, like, EVER?”

(Sorry, it’s been a long week at school and all I really want to do is bash a few academics in their noggins and tell them, “Life is for partying, not for semantics!” But I digress.)

But the hard part isn’t that bit – it’s the bit which reads, “Most Important”. That suggests a title of such singular importance that, in a list of merely rather important videogames, it would be numero uno. El Capitan. The Big Cheese. God, if you would. The God of all videogames. Or, if you’re not religious, but instead like movies and/or the Mafia, the Godfather of all videogames.
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Steam Summer Sale is on!

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Steam’s summer sale is on, this time called the “Steam Summer of Peril Sale”. It’s on from 24 June – 4 July, with extra-special one-day-only deals every day in addition to the standard discounts on offer throughout the sale.

Go to the Steam store’s front page for the big overview.

Don’t forget these useful sites:, for cross-region price comparisons; this Steampowered Forum post, for a good, text-only summary of what deals are on (when it’s updated). And when you’re done, visit to see how much money you’ve splurged via the Steam Store this time. Feel free to suggest more using the comments.

Via Digital Distribution Deals.