All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun: The Cat Lady & Depression in Games

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Depression seems to be a common theme in indie games. From more overt depictions in Depression Quest and Actual Sunlight to the more opaque in games like Anodyne, it’s a subject many indie titles want to tackle. Continue reading


There Was a Hole Here

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On Silent Hill 2, Grieving, Relationships and Identifying with Game Characters

“Games are power fantasies.” If you’ve spent more than five minutes talking to anyone about videogames, you probably know the concept. It’s a popular idea. To a certain extent, I even understand it. Playing Jet Set Radio makes me feel free and lawless and infectiously optimistic; No More Heroes 2 makes me feel a sense of unearned mastery as Travis gracefully dismembers wave after wave of cartoon goons. Psychedelic “pretty colors and happy sounds” affairs like Audiosurf and Rez can both thrill and relax me. The act of playing a game can sometimes even help ease my chronic anxiety (another article altogether). So, I get it; kind of.

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