The 36 Stratagems of L4D2

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The 36 Stratagems is a Chinese essay, derived from various written and oral accounts, offering Machiavellian advice in the realm of warfare and politics. The stratagems are presented as parables, making them flexible enough to apply to modern situations such as business, education, or… killing zombies.

To that end, I present The 36 Stratagems of Left 4 Dead 2, a guide that brings wisdom and cunning to the apocalypse.

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Rotato Zombies: Meet the Zombies (06.09.2011)

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TheMadJuggler slaves over his keyboard, trying to figure out how to transliterate a Boomer’s gastric juices.

THEMADJUGGLER: Blurgle? Glurgle? Mlurgle?

Enter Hypothetical Character With Whom to Dialogue, dressed in nondescript blue jeans and nondescript-er white tee.

HCWWTD: Whatcha doin’ Juggler? Is that a new blog post?

THEMADJUGGLER: Well yeah, I’m starting a feature about Left 4 Dead 2.

HCWWTD: That old game? So this is a treatise on rage-quitting?

THEMADJUGGLER: I don’t think you understand… Yes, the Left 4 Dead 2 community at large is a fickle bunch, but my gaming community has developed this band of apocalyptic heroes who play hard and have fun. We range from hilariously carefree newbs to sentient, anthropomorphic aimbots, but we always end up having fun. In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting play-by-play commentary on our most epic realism versus matches

I think you ought to meet the zombies.

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