Full Glass Empty Wallet: Portal 2 Edition!

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Well, hell, it’s been a long time. I’m sorry for the disruption in service. To make up for it, I’m giving away 2 copies of Portal 2. You might have heard of Portal, it helped launch the Orange box, made TF2 a household name (at least in my circle of friends) So, here is the deal, I am giving away 2 copies of portal 2 all you have to do is leave a comment below.
I may need some help distributing the copies, but we can discuss that when you win. Start typing below and let’s get on with it. The contest will run through February 24th, I will announce winners on the 25th.

I will be giving away 2 (two) Steam copies of portal 2, randomly selected from all comments between now and the 24th.


Full Glass Empty Wallet:Poker Night at the Inventory Edition

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New lines from our favorite videogame/webcomic characters. Free TF2 items. POKER!
What isn’t there to love about the new Telltale Games Poker Night at the Inventory?
The Lack of multi-player you say? DID YOU NOT HEAR ABOUT THE FREE HATS?
Anyway, this week I am giving away five (5) YES 5 copies of the Steam version of Poker Night at the Inventory.
To win, leave a comment below, between now and 8 P.M. Eastern time November 18th. The five (5) Winners will be randomly selected.
You type, I give.


Full Glass Empty Wallet: Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

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Wow, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted a giveaway. I will try to do better in the future.

For this edition of Full Glass Empty Wallet, I will be giving away one (1) copy of Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition on steam.

Leave a comment below, and I will choose one winner (randomly of course).

Then contest will run until Wednesday November 3rd 8:00 P.M. Eastern.



Full Glass Empty Wallet: CIV V Edition

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Welcome back to the feature formerly known as Do You Like Free Stuff. This time around, I am offering up one pre-order Direct2Drive copy of Civilization V.

The contest will run til 8:00 P.M. Eastern Thursday September 2nd.

How do you enter? Just leave a comment below. I will randomly choose one winner this week and announce it Thursday night.


Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 4

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Since last week’s giveaway was so popular, I decided that another contest was in order.

The only catch this week? The contest ends at 10 P.M. Eastern on Wednesday August 11th (because the game is released the next day).

Up for grabs this week

One Steam copy of Puzzle Quest 2!

How do you enter? Just leave a comment below. I will randomly choose one winner this week and announce it Wednesday night.


Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 3.5 winners!

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Thanks to everyone who Likes Free Stuff! Lots of new faces around here, as well as some old friends.

Here are the official winners for Week 3.5:

all get a free copy of the soon-to-be-released Worms Reloaded! I will contact all of you via email with your prizes. Congratulations to the winners, and see you next time for more awesome and excellent Free Gaming Stuff.


Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 2 Winner

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It was a close battle this week, so many heart wrenching tales of gaming addiction. Although this one seemed to sum it up the best:

My gaming life started early on, playing Super Spellcopter at the public library. There were also downloadable freeware games there… Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, and probably some marginally educational ones too. All fit onto 1.44Mb floppies and were taken back to our 29MHz computer that- if you pushed the “Turbo” button, would boost up to 33 MHz. The parents allowed me to play these, but only after going through a few rounds of Math Blaster or other fine product from Davidson software. I was onto gaming almost since I could talk.
Around grade 7, I was introduced to the wonderful world of online gaming with Avatar MUD. A MUD is, for those who’ve never had the pleasure, text-based WoW. This quickly became an obsession not just for me, but for my friends too- discussion about quests over lunch, friendships formed and dissolved after someone chickened out and fled a battle, all dependent on my school not finding out about– or how to block– telnet. So it came to the point where I’d made my goal and hero’d, a process where access to the second tier of the game was reached. This had taken more than a few hundred hours, and a couple of years to reach. At that point (and I draw this analogy from no experience… honest!) it was similar to the point in WoW when solo questing becomes nearly impossible. However, it also became the expectation that the better heroes would help out lower-level players. So at some point, one of the higher level heroes helped me out for a couple of hours, getting all the best gear for my character. And in turn, I got asked to more groups, leveled up, and after a while a new hero came along, politely asking me for help. At that point, I was going nowhere in the game even with large groups- something always seemed to kill me at just the wrong moment, setting me back hours of playtime and giving frustration to no end. He seemed like a nice guy, so I looked at him, removed all my gear, and gave the command to ‘give all’ along with all my coins. I think it made his day. Then I typed ‘quit’ for the last time, and left Avatar with a smile on my face.

Congratz speakerwire! Let your story be a lesson to us all.


Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week TWO!

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I would like to talk to you about a serious problem, my friends. A problem that tears families apart and lays lives to waste: video game addiction.

Like you, I’ve spent many nights alone in a dark room, with only the glare of the monitor to keep me sane. Ish. Too many nights, too many happy happy nights.

“Just have to finish this one last quest…”

“I’ll turn it off after one more turn”.

But after that turn, there is always another. And another. Maybe just one more. Maybe you stay up all night, maybe you forget to eat, or shower. Maybe you enter the dreaded Region of Poopsockery, about which we will not speak further.

So. There are a few games that I just can’t stop playing once I start: CIV II, Alpha Centauri, Pirates. Games that bind to receptors in the brain and tattoo the message on the grey folds:


This week I want to share with you a game that has kept me up, night after night, for far too long:

Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Free To This Week’s LOD Free Stuff Winner!

To win a copy of Sid Meier’s Pirates, tell me how you finally found the strength to hit “Save and Quit”. Tell me your story of video game addiction.

This weeks best story (as judged by me) will receive 1 (one) Steam copy of Sid Meier’s Pirates!

This week’s contest runs through Thursday, July 22nd. Enter now, enter often!


Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 1 Winner!

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The First LevelsOfDetail Win Stuff Contest has closed, with excellent entries from all. Thanks to everyone for playing along!

The entry that stood out for me was this one:

My favoritest spaceship of all time is definitely the lego one I built. It looked almost exactly like this one. Except it was white with blue rockets on the side, obviously.

My ship and I traveled all over the galaxy together. We didn’t care about faster than light travel not being possible, we did it anyway! Usually we’d stop by the moon first thing in the morning to say hello to the little green men that lived there. Sometimes we’d blow them up, but I’d always feel a little bad about it afterwards. Anyway, next stop would be Mars cause come on, how cool is that? We were on friggin’ Mars! As the morning wore on, our journey just got more and more fantastic. We’d hop from Mars to Jupiter, flying straight through the big red dot (since the ship was invincible, this was no problem), then we’d weave through the rings of Saturn, then on past the no-longer-a-planet Pluto, out into the galaxy proper.

Here is where we had our best adventures (after our afternoon nap, of course). We’d run into all sorts of trouble and adventure, like the time we battled the five legged horn-shoggle, or the time we just barely escaped the clutches of evil snagglefirth. Luckily I always had my trusty ship to save me from trouble and get me back home to earth in time for dinner!

Man, I wish I could find that ship, I haven’t played with it in weeks! Must be under the couch cushions or something.

We Have A Winnar Here!

Congrats Grither! You will receive an email shortly to claim your EXCELLENT PRIZES.

Thanks too to everyone who entered. Come back and look for a new contest shortly, for the winning of more Excellent Gaming Prizes!