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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Game by The Astronauts

So beautiful you want to give it a great big hug, but as a game, well, that's where things go a bit wobbly.

Spacebase DF-9 Dorflike Double File Productions

The game initially showed promise, but leaves a lot to be desired.

Pinball FX-2 Game by Zen Studios

It's a modern, virtual take on pinball that plays to all the strengths and potential of being digital, while simulating the physical feel of the game to near-perfection. Well-thought-out Steamworks integration for features like leaderboards and top-players-among-friends adds a competetive layer of fun and replayability. This one's a keeper. If only they were able to release sims of old, classic tables, Pinball FX-2 would be near perfect.

XBox One Console Microsoft

Size is a little bigger than the XBox 360, a little stouter, certainly blockier. There were early reports of optical disks (bluray, DVD) that I haven't been able to confirm with my own model - everything seems to be working properly. The Snap-In (picture in picture) functionality seems magical. Launch day games are okay but not fantabulous. I am wondering whether to hang on to my 360 until I'm sure I won't want to play 360 games or at least until we see the promised legacy game playing features. Overall, hardware, graphics, performance (Forza 5) are spectacular and definitely a step up from the 360. I always say my contentment with the 360 was content (and content curation) driven. Let's see if Microsoft steps up again and makes a mountain out of this molehill.

RimWorld Game Tynan Sylvester and Ludeon Studios

Awesome Kickstarted DF/Roguelike showing great potential to get more and more interesting. Aesthetics are like Prison Architect's but the developer promised to funnel some of the Kickstarter money into new graphics. I'm used to and like the current ones so we'll see if I like the future ones. Fires are, for they pryomaniac, really kind of profoundly enjoyable and beautiful even though they are destroying your nascent colony in the meantime.

Candy Crush Saga Game by Limited

Insanely addictive, this game was even mentioned during QuestLove's Facebook post about Trayvon Martin on 7/14/2013. It's actually not a fabulous game but they've got the addiction algorithm just so. Have I caved and paid freemium prices just to advance? I'm not sure I feel like answering that would be productive.

Minion Rush Game by Gameloft

It's a good, solid Endless Runner and its social features (along with taunting) are surprisingly pleasing.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Game by Firaxis Games/Feral Interactive

Nice. Not very different from Console and prior versions. A little deluxe behavior for different sized screens (button placement varies for usability) and touch controls are mostly good with some confusion between modes. Also the names cheat is disabled for the iOS version (or at least different). Still the same game with good tactics but a shamefully unrandom feel after many dozens of battles. Seems like randomness could have been jacked up some notches for better replay.

OUYA Console by OUYA

Boss hardware (I like the user serviceability, the lights and the hardware/OS platform), but crap content and content curation. Waiting for something more. Perhaps it will come.

Far Cry 3 Game by Ubisoft/Ubisoft Montreal

Intense. In terms of sheer joyous violence and violent attacks at every turn, these things happen to you or happen to other people even if you're standing still. Or squatting in a bush lining up a shot! It's chaotic and interesting even on the easiest level. Half a point off for violent and jarring sexism and racism, colonialism and just a bunch of writers and developers being dicks like that.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger Game by Techland

Gorgeous, on-rails shooter with the blastin' bullets mechanic honed to perfection. This is a game that knows exactly what it wants to be -- an arcadey old-west shootemup -- and achieves it to near-perfection. Just don't go in looking for an open world.

Singularity Game by Raven Software

A good-looking, workmanlike shooter with some interesting mechanics. Won't blow your mind, but won't disappoint, either.