Feel like going on a walk on another actual planet? The whole planet? Voxel Mars is a very Minecraft-esque, global-scale reproduction of Mars in voxel.js, using topographic data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter.

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Important Internet Opinion: Pinball FX-2


Yes, I’ve been flapping my flippers, bumping the desktop with my pelvis, and seeking multiball nirvana in Pinball FX-2, and now I’m ready to share my Important Internet Opinions with you about it.

But first, some nostalgia.

I grew up in a tiny northern BC town in the 1970s. We could, if we had our rooftop antennas tilted just right, get a total of two television stations, and at night, if atmospheric conditions were right, we might pick up more than two radio stations. There was no internet, of course. There were no movie theatres, no video rental places, no malls or skate parks or really much of anything besides trees and water and moose and oceans of booze.

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The NSA Game asks you to decide which of two words or phrases is not on the NSA watchlist, an activity that probably puts you on their watchlist. Which would probably be ironic, if irony hadn’t been hit over the head with a shovel and buried in a shallow grave. A sentence which, in close proximity to the letters N, S and A, has definitely put me on some list somewhere.

But, you know: fuck ’em.


NSA Game