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by Mr. Gin
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On August 5, 2013
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It's a good, solid Endless Runner and its social features (along with taunting) are surprisingly pleasing.

I turn out to be a pretty big fan of Endless Runner/Driver/Flyer/Skier games. On my iPhone I have installed: Jetpack Joyride, Subway Surfers, Ski Safari, Road Trip 2 and Zombie RoadTrip. Most of these games are free or freemium and they try to hook you on buying points or coins or bananas or whatever so you can upgrade and maybe have a longer run or a more varied, fun time.

Minion Rush does this as well but my experience of this mechanic in the Minion Rush game is pretty mild. There are two types of currency (as with most of these freemium games). In this case tokens and bananas. You can pick up bananas during your runs and up to 5 tokens a day (and more for completing some goals), but prices for things in tokens and in bananas number in the thousands, typically. You can buy both types of currency for real money and they usually let you on the hook with purchases with bananas but save the good stuff to cost thousands of tokens.

For instance, you can unlock the referee minion costume with a gift code (see below) or with bananas or by waiting for a special day where they released it for free, but if you want the maid minion, that’ll cost you 4,500 tokens (which you can buy for USD$34.98) and it’s only available for 12 more days.

Still, if you want the basic experience which is to run and jump and roll through a 3 hectic lane obstacle course, you can have it from just playing the basic, not-paid-for game. And that includes the social features and the taunting of your connected friends. There are even very short but satisfying boss battles.

There are also universal gift codes to unlock some of the taunts that you’d otherwise have to pay bananas for, if you want ’em, go Google ’em. Beware anything that asks you to download anything – these codes go into the game itself.

Anyhow, the game itself is high quality, 3D-lookin’, rendered, comical in the style of the movies and has various missions that movie characters give you and lots of references to the movie and to general geeky coolness that it can be a lot of fun to play for a few minutes while you’re waiting for the doctor to see you next or however else you like to get in the mood for playing a casual game. I find it quite rewarding. And enable the sound occasionally. Maybe wear headphones.

The Bottom Line on Minion Rush

It's a good, solid Endless Runner and its social features (along with taunting) are surprisingly pleasing.

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