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3 thoughts on “OUYA Followup – Launch Games

  1. Newer games I checked out and total list I’ve downloaded (but none I’ve paid for) so far:
    – Amazing Frog (meh – $9.99?)
    – Polarity (kind of cool. Might pay for it – $4.99)
    – TowerFall (This is pretty good – $14.99)
    – BombSquad (Pretty good – $4.99)
    – A Bit of a Fist of Awesome (Comical but sort of boring – Free?)
    – No Brakes Valet (Sort of interesting but not durably engaging – Free?)
    – Retro Racing (Good but controls SUCK – $4.99)
    – The Bard’s Tale (Decent port – $5.99)
    – Flashout 3D (Seems like a decent clone of WipeOut – $4.99)
    – Hidden in Plain Sight (Cool multiplayer puzzly action thingamy – $0.99 – $49.99 – pay what you think it’s worth)
    – Little Crane (Decent port, controls easier than on iOS – Free? Or did I pay for it already and make a liar of myself?)

    More later.

  2. Cont’d:
    – Pinball Arcade (Meh for a pinball game – $4.99,- $49.99 depending on number of tables you pay for)
    – Puddle (Interesting fluid dynamics puzzle game – Free?)
    – Red (Crappy graphics, top-down dual stick mass onslaught shooter – $2.99)
    – You Don’t Know Jack (Great port, old game – $9.99)

    So yeah, not particularly inspired to pay for most of these highest-rated OUYA games, but whatevs. I’m okay with being part of the majority/norm.

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