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Not Contributing

So I admit the fact that I have to accept a certain level of frustration with the way my money goes to places I don’t like. But the age of Kickstarter brings with it a certain amount of transparency and intimacy that games coming from big companies don’t have. That means that we as consumers and gamers can curate the kind of art and artists we want to succeed—and withholding support in the form of not contributing to Kickstarter campaigns means that we have more direct control over what kind of art populates our world.”

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Bullet The Blue Foot

Microsoft walked back on restrictive provisions it had put in place for the sale and distribution of new games for the Xbox One, but now it’s added a new rule that limits developer access to Kinect.”

‘Corporations may be people, friend’, but by god they are people who are dumb as hammered dogshit.


Motorcycles + Beer = Fun

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Friday Night Is FUEL Time