The Backlog: Torchlight

by TooMuchPete
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Torchlight is the perfect game for those times when you want some mindless fun or you have a mouse on its last legs and you want to try and kill it once and for all. I’ve started several different Torchlight characters and had abandoned each of them fairly early into the game’s proceedings. There just comes a point where it’s more and more of the same: run through a pretty, atmospheric dungeon, bash the skulls of some monsters in, and then return to town to sell the “goodies” (99% of which are utterly useless, short of their resale value) before repeating that cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, mindless fun. It is. It’s definitely worth the price you can get it for now. But I can’t seem to escape the fact that there is a LOT of filler in the game. From items, to monsters, to skill trees — it seems like all of the creative energy for the game went into the art assets.

Maybe I was doing it wrong.

I played as the Alchemist in this run through. I played mostly in the Arcane tree and what I found was, by and large, once I got Ember Lance, everything before it was useless. I used Pyre and Ember Strike from time to time, but mainly just to keep myself interested. Almost everything in the dungeon died before it got within striking distance.

I didn’t find myself really thinking about what equipment I was wearing until the last thematic stage of the dungeon, and then only because I was getting annoyed at having to use health potions.

I didn’t die until the final boss encounter, which seemed really, really difficult compared to what led up to it. This all probably means that I wasn’t playing on a difficult enough level; maybe the game really comes into its own on Hard.

All that said, I did enjoy finishing it, and I may go back and complete some of the side quests, maybe try a game or two on hard just to see how the game feels there, but for now it’s on to the next game on the backlog.


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