My Steam Library Makes Me Crazy

by TooMuchPete
Games and Gaming

We’re deep in the midst of yet another Steam sale. This time, I thought it a near certainty that Valve would have nothing to offer that I don’t already have. For what must make for a dozen-sale-long streak, I was wrong — so very, very wrong.

During the routine task of checking my email on my phone, I got an email letting me know that a game on my Steam wishlist was on sale. Given the sheer number of games in my Steam library that I’ve never so much as installed, I have no idea why I have a wishlist. Nevertheless, the deal — 75% off of Orcs Must Die 2 — was almost too much to resist.

Catching myself installing the mobile Steam client, hoping to snag the deal before it expired, I had a brief moment of clarity. This situation, as absurd as it is, is making me a bit crazy. The mere acting of starting up the client gives me a pang of guilt; there are dozens upon dozens of games that I’ve bought (or worse, been gifted) that I’ve never installed. Dozens more I’ve only spent the most nominal of time in. That, combined with my strong urge to buy new games at Valve’s steep discounts, makes me feel like I’m losing touch.

Rather than chalk it up to being an adult without the free time to dump thousands of hours into video games, I’ve decided to give it the old college try; to attempt to get some enjoyment out of this massive pile of games just sitting in my virtual toy box.

I’m going to get through my Steam backlog or die trying . . . or maybe just stop when, you know, I get bored or something.

I came up with a plan. I categorized my games into three categories: games I had finished, games that didn’t have a ‘finished’ state (multiplayer games, casual puzzle games, etc.), and everything else. From the ‘everything else’ file, I selected five games that I had already installed and asked to pick a random game.

My goal is to play that game every day (or as close to it as possible) until it is done, “done”, or I’m sufficiently disenchanted and bored with it that I won’t feel bad uninstalling it and never playing it again.

The first set of games in the hopper was Fallout: New Vegas, Football Manager 2012, NBA 2K12, Tropico 4, and Torchlight. decided that Torchlight should go first.

I decided there was no time like the present, so I fired up the game, started a new character and darted off into the dungeon.


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