Full frontal

Ode to a cabinet and the beginning of another chapter in adulthood

by Mr. Gin
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Sort of coming screaming out of a life where everything happened at once (breakup, eldercare, mass hysteria, house sale, move, changes at work, becoming a telecommuter, responsible for the family house, easing into a new relationship, saddle sore and hard ridden), I can finally spend money, finally come out of a long hiatus of relying on my forgiving by casual-gaming-only iPad Retina, of trying to break (mostly unsuccessfully) into gaming on my relatively newish Mac Mini server, I am finally back in business. I’ve got a pretty new TV and my consoles finally have something worthy to play on.

It all lives in new furniture. Adult furniture. Not grad school but grown up. Solid wood furniture. Furniture with built-in holes and sliding doors for cords to go through, with big, sturdy, stout drawers to put gaming stuff in, so I can pretend I am not a totally balls-out crazy manic gamer geek, so I can hide most of the evidence of my obsession or so I can display it with shamelessness depending on the company I keep.

View from the side

It has room! Room for the 1500 VA UPS (I replaced the battery in that sucker recently so it’s nearly new!) and room for the power adapter blocks both on the bottom shelf and the spiderweb of cables. Room for the big PS3 (2nd shelf) and the Xbox and the tiny Apple TV (top shelf). There will be room for my OUYA too, should that ever materialize. There’s even an empty shelf with that load out.

Why, I ask myself, did I wait so damned long to buy a good solid piece of furniture to house these things? Why did I make do with a crappy compressed particle-board constructed entertainment cart? On plastic rolling casters for goodness sake? I even bought a decent Sony Bravia several years ago and put it on that rickety old thing. I put hours into organizing the cables on it too, screwing small plastic pegboards to it to help hang bundled cables off the back, to cable tie the power blocks to, to keep everything safely out of the way of the vacuum and yet still rollable.

With this new cabinet, everything’s all soundly hidden behind wooden and glass doors in the shadows where even the red, green, and blue status lights are quiet and somber.

Full frontal

All buttoned up, just for watching TV.

Now my grown up TV and video gaming cabinet is a heavy, sound, dark-stained solid-acacia cabinet that shrugs off the relatively miniscule weight of my TV. And that TV is bolted to the cabinet. The consoles are tiny and erudite compared to the crushing weight of this  cabinet. I can barely lift one end of the cabinet (even empty!) with all my strength. This is a sturdy cabinet and I feel all the better having my consoles in it, up and running, connected to this thin and lightweight generation of LED-backlit 3D HDTVs.

Who knows? I may even be able to store some of my extra nerdy Rock Band/Guitar Hero equipment in there. I’m very happy and almost too giddy to bear it.

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