Cap'n Mal afloat

Minecraft Waterworld: Hardcore Mode

by johnstein
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Dry land is not just our destination, it is our destiny!

So sayeth Deacon and so sayeth our Hero, the ever optimistic Captain Blockypants Reynolds (or just Cap’n Mal for short).

Hello and welcome to this introductory episode of Minecraft Waterworld on Hardcore Mode!

Setting:  Our hapless hero has [landed, been banished, is stuck in a dream, woke up one day] on a world with nary a speck of land in sight.

Goal: Somehow… Cap’n Mal knows if he finds and kills the [Evil, Vile, Wily, Gorram] Dragon, his quest will finally come to a happy conclusion.

Complication: He only has ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

But first, a bit of background (credentials?)…

I haven’t had a chance to play much Minecraft v1.0.0 yet.  I logged onto the MFC Beans server but I just wasn’t feeling it. You know what I mean. You drop into a new Minecraft world tool-less as you were on your first Spawnday, you half-heartedly rip a few logs from some nearby trees, chase down a few chickens to sate your Salmonellaphilia, but eventually realize you need a change of scenery.

I remembered coming across THE BEST SEED EVER in beta 1.8 that dropped you on a tiny deserted island with a single tree. I was originally drawn to Minecraft due to the Survival aspect. I’d played creative mode pre-alpha but it just didn’t keep me interested.

But being stuck on a small plot of land with a SINGLE tree to make my tools?!?  Now THAT’S exciting.

I don’t believe Hardcore mode existed yet, or if it did, I didn’t select it. But I tried to treat it as if it were Game Over if I died.  The difficulty setting was Hard, so I knew I had to find some food before starving.  At the time, though, I didn’t realize Hard = Death from Starvation. I found out soon enough.

I spent days on that island, carefully rationing my logs and expanding the island to plant more trees. I had a depressingly small number of seeds and no matter how long I stared at them, they didn’t grow nearly fast enough into bread (let alone cake!)

The other problem was, no matter how much grass I had, no animals would spawn. I found out later that Minecraft was probably treating the island as an Ocean Biome that would never spawn tasty walking meat… but at the time, I didn’t know that and it kept Hope Alive.

My Hunger bar finally made its way to 3 drumsticks and I realized I needed to take desperate action. So as Fantastic Mr Fox once said, it was time to DIG!  (and hope beyond hope to find a Dungeon with a chest full of bread or apples). However, as luck had it, there was an abandoned mineshaft underneath the island all this time… doh!

The problem was, the digging made me hungrier.  And even though I could hear zombies and skeletons all over the place, I knew there was a good chance there was a chest SOMEWHERE in that vast maze of twisted rails and tunnels, and I knew it had MY name on it.

So I ran blindly into the darkness, torch spamming like a pro, dodging arrows, smacking the occasssssssional creeeper if one got too close, and running away from the moans, all the while watching my hunger plummet (and all the while wondering if it was better to run to move faster, or not run to stave off starvation… Double Bind Dilemma Indeed!)

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and I finally succumbed to the hunger and my stomach exploded violently, killing me in the process. It wasn’t until I respawned on top of the island and sadly looked out over the water that I realized mineshafts have an abundance of cobwebs which would have made a fine fishing pole.


You Live, you Die, you Learn… which brings us back to the topic at hand..

I haven’t had a chance to play much Minecraft v1.0.0 yet, but after my experiences with The Greatest Island Challenge Ever, I realized I wanted to redeem myself.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot about Minecraft Survival and with the addition of The End Dimension and the Dragon, I’ve got a natural goal to aim for (and like any island castaway worth his sea-salt knows, you have to have a good goal to keep yourself occupied and out of trouble)

To that end, I managed to find a Waterworld seed for v1.0.0: dovahkiin

(Oddly enough, if you capitalize the ‘d’, Dovahkiin, you get a world with a double-village. Who knew?)

So I created the world, set it to Hardcore, and Cap’n Mal found himself tossed rudely into the middle of the Ocean….

Cap'n Mal afloat from the back

Looks like we’re going to have to swim….


Next Episode: “Squid, squid, everywhere, nor any crumb to eat…”

Join us as we try to prevent poor Mal from starving to death before we can secure a steady foodsource (and bemoan that Notch deigned to deprive us from feasting on all those useless swimming ink-sacs all around us)



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2 thoughts on “Minecraft Waterworld: Hardcore Mode

  1. Zastrick says:

    I don’t blame Cap’n Mal, eating squid sounds icky to me too. Fun premise, I look forward to upcoming updates.

    I had the same issue you did after putting at least a hundred hours in minecraft where the standard survival mode didn’t really engage me anymore. Greatest seed ever was a pleasant change, but after getting a fishing pole it sorta just reverted to a normal game. I’m hoping that if I take a long enough break I’ll be able to renew my interest.

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