Levels Of Detail Podcast: Thinking With Alcohol Edition (04.23.11)

by Kasey Kagawa
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So, you might have heard about this game that came out this week, Portal 2. We wish we could blame all of our tardiness on that, but really, it was the foul invasion of Real Life into our little bacchanalian world of beer and gaming that caused the delay. However, we have Podcast for you regardless!

This week, we bemoan the prevalence of idiots on the Internet, both regarding the “backlash” against Portal 2 and the wild storm of rumors surrounding a supposed Wii 2 E3 debut, celebrate clever ways of defeating piracy, discuss the limited information about Prey 2, and promote PC Gamer’s debut of a 90 minute time-limited demo for Minecraft (which you can download here). Please, share and enjoy, and let us know what you think at

LOD Podcast Episode 25 (04/23/11)

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