May the Mods be With You, a List of Star Wars Mods (Part 3)

by SenorRoboto
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In parts one and two we covered FPS and RTS Star Wars mods, respectively. Now it’s time for us to turn our attention to anything that doesn’t fit in those first two categories. There turns out to be not that much. Most games with modding tools are for those first two genres. Luckily, it turns out I missed a few mods in the first two parts, so I’ll include those here as well.

Star Wars Conquest (Mount & Blade)

This mod is looking very good on the Mount and Blade engine. The team has no plans to bring it to Mount and Blade: Warband, all releases will remain for the vanilla gameĀ  (Current version, June 28, 2010). It has a custom campaign map with hundreds of planets, improved AI, lightsabers, and covers factions in both Star Wars trilogies. Development is ongoing and version is to be released very soon.

Freeworlds: Tides of War (Freelancer)

This mod is the combination of Freeworlds, a now defunct Star Wars mod from 2006, with Tides of War, a newer mod started in 2008. Freelancer has managed to have very lasting power for a game released in 2003, with several mods in active development. The graphics look absolutely amazing, as the team is pushing this engine to its limits, including converting the game to DirectX 9. However, there is no current release, although one should be out within the next few months. Official site

Star Wars: The Clones of War (Men of War)

This mod keeps plunking along, although it has yet to see a public release yet. The plan is to have a single player campaign following the story of the 342nd Attack Battalion, on assignment to stabilize the Myno system. Lots of the art and modeling work has been done, but the team is having some technical difficulties keeping them from releasing.

Star Wars: Call of the Force (Quake 2 Engine)

This game doesn’t actually require Quake II to run, it’s just built on the engine. Amazingly, their website is still up 9 years after release (Current version Test 1.9, June 16, 2001) Their website has all their development files (including previous version of the mod for the original Quake). The game features deathmatch multiplayer on 3 maps, with force powers and quite a few weapons.

Star Wars Open Rebellion – AI (Starcraft: Brood War)

This Brood War mod was until active development until recently (Current version v6.0, released Nov 19, 2007). It features a whole host of Star Wars buildings and units, and was updated to support AI in its most recent release.

Star Wars Imperial Winter (Spring Engine)

This mod was originally made for the original Total Annihilation engine, and was then adapted to the Spring Engine, a community made 3-D engine for TA. The old version still exists out there on the internet under the name Star Wars TA, but Imperial Winter should be released to open beta within the next year. Official Site

Troopers: Dawn of Destiny (Unreal Tournament 2004)

Originally for UT2003, this mod was adapted for UT2004 when it came out (Current version v6.0, released Nov 19, 2007). It is no longer in active development. It features ship, vehicle, and ground-based combat in a variety of Star Wars locations.

Star Wars: Fleet Command (Star Trek: Armada II)

This mod has seen on/off production for the last 8 years. Supposedly an updated version was supposed to come out last year but it never materialized. (Current version 1.1, released Dec 21, 2002). It works with both the A2 Demo and the full version of Star Trek: Armada II and replaces just about all the ships in the game.


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