May the Mods be with You, a List of Star Wars Mods (Part 2)

by SenorRoboto
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Once again I’m back to walk through one of the most common PC game modification settings ever: Star Wars. The first installment covered FPS mods, this time, RTS games are getting the treatment. Despite the Star Wars series having many official RTS licenses over the years: Rebellion, Force Commander, Galactic Battlegrounds, and Empire at War, there have been limitations with each (Scope, game engine, the game being any good).

EDIT: Part 3 is out now. Check it out!

Star Wars: Warlords (Homeworld 2)

This mod, currently in beta (Version 0.60 as of May 27, 2007) appears to be no longer in development. Still, it contains about 80 new ships from the Star Wars universe. There are several settings for various Star Wars eras. More information is available at the mod’s site.

Star Wars: Total War (Rome: Total War)

This mod appears to have also ceased development, as it was being developed by a one-man crew. (Most recent version V0.10A released Feb 15, 2009) Most of the work completed was to re-skin the units, but not much other work appears to have been done. Truly a shame, since some pretty neat stuff could have been done on this or any other of the Total War engines.

Star Wars Eternal Conflicts (Nexus: The Jupiter Incident)

Another mostly one-man creation, this mod is still in slow and steady development (Current version 1.0, released Mar 30, 2010). The creator’s goal is to flesh out the Star Wars universe with things that might not be in the movies. It contains ships from all the Star Wars eras and is looking really good in the Nexus engine.

Sins of a Galactic Empire (Sins of a Solar Empire)

This mod is a reconfiguration of the Star Wars Warlords Mod for Homeworld 2 already mentioned. It is still in active development (Current version 1.0e, released 12-12-2009). It replaces all of the existing Sins of a Solar Empire races with Star Wars units, including the factions of the Rebel Alliance, Imperial Navy, CIS, and Galactic Republic. More information at their website here

Star Wars: Imperial Assault (Command and Conquer: Generals)

ThisĀ  mod also has ceased development (Current version v0.85, Sept 5, 2005) but the team is at work on a sequel, Imperial Assault 2, for the Empire at War engine. The original features both Original Trilogy and Clone War era battles, and promises maps for each major planet in the Star Wars universe.


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6 thoughts on “May the Mods be with You, a List of Star Wars Mods (Part 2)

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  2. Hargrimm says:

    Great lists so far! I keep up with mod news pretty regularly, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard of so many of these.

    I fear a Total War Star Wars mod is never meant to be, however. The projectile mechanics are way too limited in Rome or Medieval II, and Empire is way too locked-down to allow that kind of full conversion mod to happen easily. I still content myself with a plethora of awesome mods for every other Total War game, though!

    • Yeah, Total War does have a lot of great mods. I bought the older Totar War games (Rome, Medieval, Medieval II) on steam sale and still haven’t played much of them. I’d really like to try the LoTR mod for Medieval II, almost more than the game itself.

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