May the Mods be With You, a List of Star Wars Mods (Part 1)

by SenorRoboto
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So if you’ve been playing PC games long enough, you probably feel like every game that comes out that isn’t already one of LucasArts’ 12 Million Star Wars games has its own Star Wars mod. Well, you wouldn’t be far off. There are a whole lot of them. Today I’m just covering the FPS games, but RTS, Space Sims, and others will be covered in the next installments.

EDIT: Check out Part 2 and Part 3!

Star Wars: Galactic Warfare (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

In progress since 2009 is this mod, now in beta (Current version 1.0b as of Dec 25, 2010). It currently features 6 maps, including Tatooine, Bespin, and “Not a Cave”. The team has redone the CoD4 killstreaks to be Star Wars themed, and have created a VIP-style gametype in addition to Team Deathmatch. It has gained a considerable following and was given an honorable mention in the ModDB Mods of 2010 awards.

First Strike (Battlefield 2142)

While this mod first came out in 2007, it is still in development (Current version 1.5 as of Aug 26, 2010). So far there are an impressive 17 maps, from various locales from Yavin to Ryloth, with the much-awaited Battle of Hoth coming in the next release. As consistent with the Battlefield series, there are a wide variety of weapons, planetary vehicles, starfighters, and even capital ships. It supports battles of up to 64 players. They have a very impressive wiki for the mod here.

Galactic Conquest (Battlefield 1942)

Definitely showing its age is this mod for the venerable BF1942. It does not appear to be still in development (Current version R5.3 as of Aug 24, 2006). Still, the game features almost 60 vehicles and 23 maps.

That’s it for the FPS mods, stay tuned for the other genres in the coming week!


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