Full Glass Empty Wallet: Portal 2 Edition!

by hugecranium
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Well, hell, it’s been a long time. I’m sorry for the disruption in service. To make up for it, I’m giving away 2 copies of Portal 2. You might have heard of Portal, it helped launch the Orange box, made TF2 a household name (at least in my circle of friends) So, here is the deal, I am giving away 2 copies of portal 2 all you have to do is leave a comment below.
I may need some help distributing the copies, but we can discuss that when you win. Start typing below and let’s get on with it. The contest will run through February 24th, I will announce winners on the 25th.

I will be giving away 2 (two) Steam copies of portal 2, randomly selected from all comments between now and the 24th.


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73 thoughts on “Full Glass Empty Wallet: Portal 2 Edition!

  1. Samwise says:

    In gaming, my interest is too low to mention
    (since completing the opus, Red Dead Redemption).

    For Winter brings gaming, although last I checked
    I’ve fully completed the great Mass Effect.

    For a brief time, achievements, lo high did I pile ’em
    while searching the crannies of Arkham Asylum.

    So now, please do help see the last quartile through-
    I hope that I join you in co-op Portal 2.

  2. I’m such a nerd I was debating buying my gf Portal 2 as a Valentine’s/anniversary gift _before_ it was mainstream. Any chance you can lessen the load on my wallet?

  3. SpacePope says:

    Huge I will forgive all of the horrible things you have said to me in the past if you give me Portal 2.

  4. Hig Hurtenflurst says:

    This contest is definitely a triumph. I’m making a future note here if I win: Huge Success. It’s hard to overstate my anticipation.

    …okay, I’ll stop now. :)

  5. Yay, it’s TWO cakes.

    Or possibly a two-layer cake.

    I’m working my way through the original Portal now, and I think it’s really cool you are doing this.

    Good luck, everyone!

  6. Jared says:

    I suppose I might as well try to win this. ‘Tis true, an expensive title, especially when you consider it doesn’t include TF3 :o

  7. Rock Steady says:

    Hey there, this is neat! Glad to have found you people, especially if I win Portally goodness because of it!

  8. Nick says:

    Your link to the Steam store scared me – I thought I had been living under a rock and missed the release! But hey, free is good, and the contest ends on my brother’s birthday. That *must* be a good sign :)

  9. Jepuliz™ says:

    Giving away copies of games that aren’t released in months? Yes, this should be counted as an entry.

  10. Lemurrhea says:

    Portal comes out in the middle of exams. So I’ll be able to prevent myself buying a copy immediately. But if one just happens to fall into my lap, fun will be had.

    Thanks for putting this on!

  11. hugecranium says:

    one more day, I don’t think we are going to reach the 150 mark. That’s okay though, maybe there will be another Portal 2 giveaway in the future.

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