Levels Of Detail Podcast: Sinus Congestion Edition (02.21.11)

by Kasey Kagawa
Games and Gaming, News

Today’s delayed podcast is brought to you by the inside of Ben’s sinuses. Poor Ben is now unconscious, having cracked open a couple of diphenhydramine tablets and rubbed the contents into his nasal passages. Hopefully, he can actually breathe now, or at least not suffocate in his own fluids as he sleeps.

Tonight’s podcast brings us news that there will be a Medal of Honor sequel after all, in case you thought EA would just abdicate the Call of Duty market to Activision, Telltale Games has now successfully licensed all films past, present and future, someone hit the “Launch” button on Bioshock 2 DLC a little early, the piracy wars continue and we wonder when the Navy SEALs will put a stop to the jackasses in the PS3 hacking community. Plus, we discuss difficulty in gaming and whether or not there’s really a crisis of oversimplification. Please, share and enjoy, and say rude things about our humble little podcast at

LOD Podcast Episode 17 (02/21/11)

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2 thoughts on “Levels Of Detail Podcast: Sinus Congestion Edition (02.21.11)

  1. Dogface says:

    Hey, just wanted to say I’m still really enjoying the podcast! You have a good rapport, and a knack for shedding light on the new gaming hotnesseseses. In terms of feedback — the thing I liked most about stuff like the Idle Thumbs podcast was when they digressed into various tangents and musings on game design, what works, what doesn’t, how games could do better, what particular games do well and don’t… I generally prefer that stuff to speculation about new technology and the like because I tend to be a generation or two behind in terms of that anyway. :P Also, how about a regular feature or two? Cynical Brit’s podcast, Gaming the System, used loads of those and they have a couple of advantages: they give a pre-set template for content, and they give the listener something familiar to anticipate. Anyway, just a thought! I still have a little ‘yay’ moment when I see a new LOD-cast episode is up. :3

    • Thanks Dogface, for the thanks and the input. We really haven’t gotten any and so we’ve just been chugging along. If Kasey and I can throw our heads together we’ll see if we can come up with some regular features, maybe different ones on the midweek and weekend podcasts so that we don’t exhaust a topic.

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