Levels Of Detail Podcast: At Least We Look Professional Edition, Part 2 (1.27.11)

by SenorRoboto
Games and Gaming, News

Here is the promised second bit of our back-from-vacation podcast. We hope you missed the sounds of our voices ringing in your ears and our enjoying our new header image. (For the record, it’s Kasey on the right, and yours truly on the left.)

After wrapping up the first half of the episode, we moved on to covering Valve’s delightful Portal 2 announcement, Sony and Activision’s PS3 hacking and CoD:MW2 troubles, more amusing “analysis” from Michael Pachter, Japan’s ongoing JRPG problems, and some awful gaming promotions that make us feel like we’re in 1995. Join us this weekend for another podcast of dubious quality and certain drinking.


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One thought on “Levels Of Detail Podcast: At Least We Look Professional Edition, Part 2 (1.27.11)

  1. Hargrimm says:

    Man, until I started listening to this podcast regularly, I had no idea how much news I was actually unaware of the gaming world, where I though I was relatively up-to-speed!

    PS: Don’t be ashamed of not having beaten Beyond Good & Evil; I still haven’t gotten through the original Deus Ex!

    PPS: You definitely need a little jingle for when you start your obligatory Michael Pachter discussion every episode.

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