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You say, I play

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Podcasts, while entertaining, do not a groupblog make.

So in order to add a little spice to the recent postings, I want to enlist the help of our readership!

I need a new game, and I need to write up about one. So all of you participating readers out there get to pick!

My next post will be of the winning game of this little drawing.

Entry rules after the jump.

Post a comment with the name of the game, PC only.

Optional information can be: Genre, price (If applicable), length, and a short summary.)

I’ll be picking at random from the comments via random number generator.

Every extra piece of optional information will get the game an extra vote in the drawing.

You CAN vote for the same game as someone else, provided you don’t just copy their post.

I’ll pick the winners on the eighth.

So, readers! Rock the vote!


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8 thoughts on “You say, I play

  1. jauntyfedora says:

    You should do Rush (Puzzle game on Steam right now for $4.50) or Swords and Soldiers (2-D RTS for $8)

  2. jefeweiss says:

    I have chosen a very popular game that I have no interest in playing myself. Starcraft II. That way I can listen to someone else playing it who might enjoy it.

  3. Blaueziege says:

    Penn and Teller’s Desert Bus. I want a detailed, minute-by minute breakdown of the gameplay’s intricacies. Not for PC you say? That’s what emulators are for.

  4. Tallguy says:

    I think it would be great to do a review of Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale (Steam: $19.95) which is one of the cool indie-breakthrough games I have thought about getting to play with my daughter. It gives the impression of being overly cutesy but seems to have real appeal to adult gameplayers, at least in MFC.

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