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Levels Of Detail Podcast: Wherein We Argue About Stuff Edition (12.07.10)

by Kasey Kagawa
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Hello, listeners! For today’s episode of the Levels Of Detail Podcast, we have our first group review! The lucky first game to fall under our judgmental gaze just happens to be Super Meat Boy, a game we’ve been exhorting you to buy almost every other podcast (Spoiler: we like it a lot). Also, Australia decides to treat their adults like adults, we talk about the upcoming Introversion title, Subversion, I agree with Bobby Kotick about something, and Ben and I actually disagree about something! Shock! Horror! Listen!

LOD Podcast Episode 5 (12/07/10)

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One thought on “Levels Of Detail Podcast: Wherein We Argue About Stuff Edition (12.07.10)

  1. NiceGuyMike says:

    Great podcast as usual, guys.

    Have either of you played Tomb Raider:Legend or :Underworld? They were the first re-boot games after the shower of shit that was Angel of Darkness, and they were very, very good. You know, if you like 3rd person platformers.

    I agree with the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the earlier games, but I think Legend and Underworld were a step back in the right direction for the series. If they’re rebooting again and changing her back story, I do wonder if she’s going to remain british… it wouldn’t be the first time the US entertainment industry had “appropriated” a cultural icon (and that’s what she is, let’s be honest here) from overseas.

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