Levels Of Detail Podcast: My Inferior Fleshy Human Frame Edition (12.10.10)

by Kasey Kagawa
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The blatant inferiority of my biological existence has been made manifest. As I am made of wet flesh and fragile bone instead of strong, sleek, superior titanium, carbon fiber and electroactive polymer, I rolled and broke my ankle yesterday. This inevitable failing of my organic body has delayed the podcast by a day, something that will never occur again. As I write this, the weak analog uncertainty of flesh is giving way to the cold precision of machine, ensuring the podcast will never be delayed again. By this, at least. I make no promises for busy work, college insanity, and general laziness.

This week, we have the Parade of Stupid Company Executive Comments, we lament the sad passing of Raven Software’s independence and Warren Spector’s credibility as a game designer, and talk about two upcoming action/adventure game franchises involving tombs and the raiding thereof. Also, here’s a link to that YouTube video showing off just how realistic Gran Turismo 5 is.

LOD Podcast Episode 6 (12/10/10)

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One thought on “Levels Of Detail Podcast: My Inferior Fleshy Human Frame Edition (12.10.10)

  1. Hargrimm says:

    Re: Lumines,
    Probably my main regret in being an exclusively PC gamer is the fun stuff I seem to be missing out on in the Xbox Live Arcade. I was happy to hear Monday Night Combat is coming to PC, but there still seems to be a thriving indie development scene on Live Arcade that I wish I could get into.

    Re: Gran Turismo vs Forza,
    I’ve never been much into racing games at all, probably because I don’t care much about cars in general. That entire explanation of the front-wheel-drive cornering maneuver was completely lost on me.

    Also, I am completely prepared to be disappointed by The Old Republic. I played WoW for about a year and a half, realized what a grind it was, played Warhammer Online for about a week and a half, realized what a grind it was, and expect to do the same with TOR.

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