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Lovecraft Wallows In A Starcraft II Loss

by Niteowl
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It is harrowing to have the veil ripped away from ones eyes, the infinite horror of that nameless alien weakness.  I go to the study, go to my office, throw dinner parties, with never the glimmer of suspicion as to what eldritch terror will grab me from the dark, pull me into an mute stupour as your sixteen carriers run ragged over my full complement of siege tanks and level 3 upgraded marines (weapons and armour!).

Oh were I to go back to days of innocence. To the life of but a infant, adrift on this ball that hurtles through space, content in the soft keening of the wind through the trees, the easy roll of clouds overhead, without shuddering, nay, quaking to my very soul as an errant cumulonimbus roils into the maddening shape of a Protoss carrier, aswarm with interceptors, bent on my destruction and the obliteration of all I hold dear.

What dark, fearsome intelligence has lent you your unholy power, what buried and forgotten knowledge from the Ancient Ones have you uncovered to the peril of all, just so you can lay waste to my entire base in 14 minutes 17 seconds? Is the victory worth it, truly, for you to spend night after night staring into the endless dark, peering up at once friendly stars that only coldly stab down at you with a hungry malevolence?


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3 thoughts on “Lovecraft Wallows In A Starcraft II Loss

  1. Grither says:

    Heh, they totally need to have the trilogy end with the eldritch horrors being the ones who come to destroy all things, that would be totally awesome.

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