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8 thoughts on “GOG says they were just kidding.

  1. Grither says:

    “Hey guys, we were just kidding, y’all can come back now! Guys? …hello??”

    Though I suppose what I’ve done here only helps to reinforce the “any press is good press” idea if people hadn’t previously heard of GOG…

    Personally, I think I only ever bought one or two games from them… but now I’m gonna go for Steam, even if it’s $5 more. (unless it’s $5 vs free, obviously!)

  2. odiv says:

    I’m a customer of theirs and will continue to be a customer. I didn’t think this was a great PR move, but I’m not going to hold it against them. I wouldn’t have downloaded any games this week anyway.

    For me, this just underlines the importance of backing up my GoG installers. The lack of DRM is where GoG shines and when they eventually do shut down, get bought out or whatever then all the games I have will still work.

  3. Utterly, spectacularly, mind-bogglingly stupid. I’ve never bought anything from them and probably never will (no, definitely never will now), but if this really was a stunt and not a last-minute reversal, this is Bad Marketing on a previously unreached level, except maybe by Microsoft.

    Stupidity makes me angry. This stunt makes me so angry I want to track down whatever dimwit was responsible and slap him or her right in the goddamned chops, metaphorically at least.

    Destroy your brand, undermine customer confidence, make yourselves look marginal and uncertain, annoy your customers and make certain that no new customers will show up? Yeah, that sounds like a good way to generate some buzz, you fucking cretins.

    RARRR! *stomps off, muttering*

  4. I feel I must give me three eggs (short eggs) on this one. I thought it was really rather excellent. And not stupid even remotely.
    Meh. I thought it was funny. And it certainly brightened my day.
    So there.

    • Walter Mitty says:

      Ultimately it was a PR ploy gone bad. In marketing, pissing your customer base off is bad. They pissed off the customer base – so, unless they set out to do that, then it failed as a PR ploy. Disastrously. I mean, people are already saying they’ll never buy anything from them.

      Anyway. Launching a new business model/ website/ etc. can be done in lots of ways. “Psyche!” isn’t really a great way to go about it.

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