Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 4

by hugecranium
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Since last week’s giveaway was so popular, I decided that another contest was in order.

The only catch this week? The contest ends at 10 P.M. Eastern on Wednesday August 11th (because the game is released the next day).

Up for grabs this week

One Steam copy of Puzzle Quest 2!

How do you enter? Just leave a comment below. I will randomly choose one winner this week and announce it Wednesday night.


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31 thoughts on “Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 4

  1. SapphireBullets says:

    I never did try the first Puzzle Quest, but I’ve always liked Bejeweled-type games, so this one would be fun.

  2. This comment is my lottery ticket.

    Puzzle Quest 1 and Puzzle Quest Galactrix are both great fun; looking forward to playing a bigger and better version.


    Wait a second, that’ isn’t right. I’m quite fond of reindeer. The flying kind. The Norwegian kind are quite tasty, I’m told. Which must be traumatic for Norwegian children, I suppose, unless they look at that pan-Western myth of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer as a Canadian (sorry, American) child might view Santa Claus and his flying Somewhat Gamey But Nonetheless Delicious Chickens.

    But, really, flying chickens? More like hopping with panic with mild help from desperately flapping and evolutionarily laughable meat arms, AMIRITE?!

    I’m also quite fond of Fudgsicles. Anyway you pronounce it, it’s yum.

  4. interion says:

    Thought this was a Nintendo series, but now I see it was ported to basically everything. Glad to see it was popular enough to warrant a sequel.

  5. Mayhembob says:

    I loved the first puzzle quest! Bejeweled-type gameplay and special abilities make a great combination.

  6. I would oh so love a copy of Puzzle Quest 2! Although I am scared to think how much time I will waste with this one, considering how much of my life I wasted with the first…

  7. Chris Hansen says:

    Chris Hansen would much enjoy Puzzle Quest. It will give him something to do other than catching pedophiles.

  8. Grither says:

    Oh man, I am *still* scouring my apartment to try and find my lost copy of the first one for my DS… so sad, since I was so close to beating it!

  9. Tallguy says:

    There is nothing worse than finding
    that your puzzle nearly done,
    The very last piece is missing
    you wonder where it’s gone.

    But one day it will turn up
    and you slot it in it’s place
    The satisfaction is enormous
    and the smiles back on your face

    You were that missing piece for me
    and finding you was sweet
    I can stop the searching now
    My puzzle is complete.

  10. wulfhere says:

    I had to run sound board for a pretty terrible musical. PQ1 for DS got me through weeks and weeks of painful rehearsal. These days the DS graphics feel dated, but man what a fun game.

  11. Wolfenstein says:

    As an obsessive player of the original puzzle quest, I’d be thrilled at a bite at the second. I beg you heartily for a chance to have my bite ^_^

  12. mmiasmostati says:

    I thought Puzzle Quest 2 was a bejewelled type game, and looking at the other pictures on the steam page it is. It looks like something completely different from the screenshot you’ve shown here though and I’d like to believe it’s a sort of roguelike where @’s and the rest of the alphabet have matches against each other rather than fight.

    If only we could play Bejewelled with the monsters…

  13. rebellion says:

    I know nothing about this game, but it must be good.

    Puzzles = good
    Quests = good

    Therefore…..well, you draw the logical conclusion.

  14. shawn s says:

    Tried a bit of this one…pretty good.

    They need this to be good to make up for the piece of crap that was PuzzleQuest: Galactrix.

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